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Narrow gauge railway line “Bānītis”

Skatīt lielāku karti


Gulbene – Alūksne narrow gauge railway line is 33 km long. You can have a run on the still operating in the Baltics narrow gauge railway. This part is preserved from the 210 km line that was operating in 1903 in the track Stukmaņi – Valka. The narrow gauge railway line Gulbene – Alūksnes is a culture monument of state importance. There are three pairs of trains running on the line according to the schedule. There are diesel engines and carriages from 60th-80th of the 20th century used for passenger conveyance. At the moment steam engine is also restored and working. Now a narrow gauge engine is being renovated – built in 1947 in Germany.

Bānītis offers:

  • possibility to have a run on narrow gauge railway line every day;
  • to order special trips experiencing Soviet border guards, robbers, their actions, unique kitchen;
  • wedding trips with Gypsy goings-on;
  • to visit season fests (Easter, Valentine `s day, Banitis Fest, Christmas);
  • organization of corporative events; 
  • visits in depot and review of rolling stock, sauna services; 
  • guide, booking of lodging;
  • organization of excursions.