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In the proximity of the destroyed in 1577 castle of Riga archbishop a manor started formation in the 17th century. In the run of the time its owners changed many times until it becomes the property of barons von Wolf. Manor constructions were formed that time and preserved until this time. It includes two castles – the White and the Red Castle. The White Caste was built in the 40th of the 19th century and was later reconstructed several times. It was one of the most splendid Historism constructions in the Baltic. In the second half of the 19th century Baron Heinrich von Wolf built the Red castle for his beloved wife Marissa. It was built out of red bricks. This is where the title comes from. Both of the buildings were burnet down in 1905 and later renovated in more simplified forms.

Primary school was situated in the Red Castle from 1920th until 2004. In the White Castle after World War II apartments were arranged. Its inhabitants gradually degraded the building. In 2005 restorations works were started in the White Castle. A wide landscape park with ponds surrounds both castles. In the proximity – manor dwelling and household buildings – servant house, manage, cheese factory, orangey (now Gulbene museum), shed, guard house, Lutheran church and others.

Visits: all year round with former notification